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kidVenture is the website for the kidMinistry of LCBC Church. We provide age appropriate environments for ages 6 weeks-4th grade. Our mission is to see Lives Changed by Christ, One kid at a Time. Kids can come and be excited to hear how Jesus loves them and wants them to be His Forever Friend.   We offer the same environments at each of our weekend gatherings across all of our campuses. Beginning at age 2-4th grade, we teach through interactive Large Group videos, … [Read More...]

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Family D 2

Family Dedication

Family Dedication happens as a special part of the main gathering when parents/guardians choose to say that they will commit to love and guide their children towards a relationship with Jesus Christ. … [Read More...]


3 Ways Simon Says, “Obey”

I've been having a great summer with the kids so far. We've done just enough to stay busy and still get things done around the house. This week I've plateaued though, and I seem to be losing steam. … [Read More...]


Jump Out of Your Cave and Discover 5 Ways To Beat the Heat

I have to admit, I like- okay, LOVE having control of things. Not necessarily big picture things, but small things: the temperature of my surroundings, or the space my kids have to be kids, or the … [Read More...]