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kidVenture is the website for the kidMinistry of LCBC Church. We provide age appropriate environments for ages 6 weeks-4th grade. Our mission is to see Lives Changed by Christ, One kid at a Time. Kids can come and be excited to hear how Jesus loves them and wants them to be His Forever Friend. … [Read More...]

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3 Ways Simon Says, “Obey”

I've been having a great summer with the kids so far. We've done just enough to stay busy and still get things done around the house. This week I've plateaued though, and I seem to be losing steam. … [Read More...]


Jump Out of Your Cave and Discover 5 Ways To Beat the Heat

I have to admit, I like- okay, LOVE having control of things. Not necessarily big picture things, but small things: the temperature of my surroundings, or the space my kids have to be kids, or the … [Read More...]

2008 May 205(1)

It WILL Be A Good Time- 3 Tips For An Awesome Summer

It’s Always a Good Time. That's the song I was blaring in my minivan as I pulled in to the school pick-up circle to collect two of my kids on their last day of school. I wanted them to be excited, … [Read More...]